Pedro Parking

  1. Eddie Meeks was the official photographer of the “Terminal Island Brotherhood Raceway”, located right in the heart of the Port of Los Angeles. The Racetrack was run by Willie Andrew Robinson (1942-2012), simply known as “Big Willie”, the founding president of the National and International Brotherhood of Street Racers. "When you get around cars, man, there ain’t no colors, just engines", he told the LA Times in 1981. During the racial tensions of the 90s, Terminal Island Raceway was one of the few places were people got along.” Every time that track was open, crime went down” said, sheriff’s deputy Bill Chaffin, also in the LA Times. In 1994 the racetrack got shut down. The photographs of Eddie Meeks vanished until early 2013, when fellow “Brotherhood Streetracer” Donald Galaz met up with Eddie to dig out the treasures of the past. “A lot of the pictures are beat up and corroded, due to bad storage” explains Eddie. “There must be close to 10.000 photographs”. Enjoy a small selection of photos in the Video above, watch Eddie and Donald rediscovering the photos in the video below and flip through on of the photo albums on the bottom. You want this unique place of Southern California Racing History to come back. Visit “ProjectStreetLegal”.