Pedro Parking

  1. A glimpse into the car culture of San Pedro


  2. Bavarian-American Friendship. Shot in Schmiechen, Germany, May 2014.


  3. The first “Brotherhood of Streetracers” Car and Bike Show took place with the Los Angeles skyline as a constant backdrop.


  4. Eddie Meeks was the official photographer of the “Terminal Island Brotherhood Raceway”, located right in the heart of the Port of Los Angeles. Read the full story here.


  5. Car Culture at its best on the streets of San Pedro, California. All images taken during the “Cruise Night” and the "Car Show by the Sea".


  6. San Pedro local, Kenny Klausner takes us on a drive with his 1960 Volkswagen Beatle.This series showcases the stories behind the pictures of the photo-book HOME ALONE. It’s available on or


  7. Wish I would have had more time last Saturday morning. Here the pictures I got from the “LA Wood 2013” at Ports O’ Call in San Pedro.


  8. Being around Donald Galaz means two things: a lot of fun and a lot of cars. These photographs were taken over the course of two afternoons. Thanks to Donalds family, fellow car enthusiast Jed, the Vagabundos Bike Guys and the Road Kings Cruise Night in Carson, CA (see Quick Shot Gallery below) for letting me hang out. Good times! Donald wants to open a racetrack to give people the opportunity to race their cars away from public streets. Follow him on Facebook:


  9. More visual art around the automobile coming soon.



  10. The photo-book “Home Alone” from photographer Tim Maxeiner is the foundation of “Pedro Parking” - the blog. The book just got published in Europe and is already available for preorder on Here a selection of publications that feature “Home Alone”: San Pedro Today, GQ-Magazine, Ramp Magazine, Motoraver Magazine, Süddeutsch Zeitung and Der Standart.
    "Pedro Parking" the blog will feature more visual art around the automobile very soon.

  11. Painters used to arrange flowers and fruit, thereby creating compostions for their paintings. Tim Maxeiner, photographer and the author of the book Home Alone, does this with cars and houses. This has resulted in American still lifes. These organic units of houses and cars were photographed in San Pedro, California. 

    The book just got released in Europe and is already for preorder on American